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5 Apr

I hope that this website can help all of you in some way. Whether it’s reading my blog and learning about a new workout or a new recipe, joining my Bod Squad, or visiting Dr. Philp and I at Yorkville Medical, I think there’s something here for everyone.

In this past year I’ve learned so much about being an entrepreneur. I believe that the most important qualities to need to have when you want to start your own business are:

1. Be proactive, my work ethic is admittedly ridiculous.
2. Staying power, don’t count an idea out until you’ve squeezed out all the juice.
3. Trust your gut, it will always be honest with you.

I’m not naturally a hard driving business person at all, but I’ve become a lot better at it thanks to a few key people; namely Ian, Cathy and Lindsay Preston, (a.k.a. “Team Preston”) who have provided unwavering support through multiple meetings, phone calls and dinners. They are always the first people to show up for my classes, and in true Team Preston style they always give it their all! Mike Preston (no relation), who took me seriously from day one and taught me how to get ‘granular’ with detail. Jim Beqaj, who makes me feel like I’m his 7th kid and taught me that we can all be happy doing what we love. Jim constantly inspires me with his words of wisdom, or as I call ‘Jim-isms’, the best one to date: “Nothing says I love you like cash.” And of course Matt, my teammate who believes in me and encourages me constantly.

{First flyer}

Preston Fitness programs all got started April 2010, I was flat broke coming back from South East Asia and after deciding that the conventional job route was not going to happen for me I had to get busy generating revenue quickly. I had passion but I needed to figure out how to materialize it into a business. I scrambled together flyers to post around my neighborhood to start my first Bod Squad. It went really well, especially considering I didn’t have a clue what I was doing business wise, we had a lot of fun and most people stayed for the entire summer which was wonderful. I also had the great fortune to meet Dr. Philp at Bod Squad and found that we instantly understood each other professionally and personally.

{Condo gym}

In the fall Matt and I moved into our beautiful new apartment so I had to figure out what the heck I was going to do to pay my rent once the snow came. I shifted my emphasis from Bod Squad to personal training, once I finally started getting clients I had to bike across the city to save on TTC money just to get to their in-home training sessions – as a growing business person I finally started to appreciate Matt’s thrifty nature! Meanwhile, Dr. Philp and I laughed and worked really hard while sipping more cups of coffee then we both care to count over her dining room table drawing up our Beauty and the Bod programs at Yorkville Medical. I’ve spent countless hours blogging into the wee hours of the night trying desperately to think of new and exciting topics. Basically, I’ve worked my bum off and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’m doing what I was born to do and I’m going for it wholeheartedly.

I’ve said to myself many times in the last year that if I was a sane person I would have long dropped this dream. That’s where my passion comes in. I have a true obsession with helping people with their fitness. I care so much about the success of my clients. Helping them succeed is better than Christmas morning for me. I also care so much about you readers so thank you!

I want to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for starting on this journey with me, although I feel like we still have even yet to begin!

Yours in fitness,

Christie Preston ღ

Sports Bras Do More Than Stop Bouncing

22 Mar

If we all ran like Bo Derek did in the movie “10” we would have some serious stretch marks right now.

Sports bras do prevent the painful bouncing, yes. But more importantly though they prevent permanent breast saggage, That’s right — it’s not just old age and gravity that will make your boobs hang low. High-impact activities, like running or even spinning, can stress your Cooper’s ligaments (the connective tissue that keeps breasts firm), causing your breasts to sag more quickly.

Compression bras work best for smaller-busted women.

I like this one:

Bonus – this bra makes you look va va voom.

For the more well-endowed (D cup +) you should opt for an “encapsulation” bra that supports each breast separately.

I’ve heard great things about this one:

It’s best to replace workout bras every six months to a year. That way your bra will stay tight to your ta tas!

Greek Yogurt Popsicles – Honey Blueberry

21 Mar

I recently discovered Greek yogurt.

I know, I’ve been living under a rock. The truth is it sounded too good to be tasty; 15g of protein per serving, low fat and no added sugar. Greek yogurt is a superfood and I think it’s super delicious.

Inspired by the unseasonably hot spring were are experiencing in Toronto I decided to make a Popsicle variation of my new favorite snack. This recipe also makes a delicious smoothie if you don’t have Popsicle molds.


Serves 4

Blend all ingredients and pour into Popsicle molds. Freeze for at least 4 hours.

1/2 cup Greek yogurt (plain or vanilla flavour)

1/4 cup skim milk

1 cup frozen blueberries (or any berries)

2 tsp maple syrup

2 tsp honey

optional – if you’re using the plain variety of Greek yogurt add 1 tsp pure vanilla extract

If you’re feeling lazy there’s always this option:

These are SOOO good. Hard to believe only 90 calories per bar.

Sleep Drive

23 Feb

We are all familiar with sex drive, but what about the concept of craving sleep so much that we actually disrupt it?

According to a recent study from researchers at Ryerson University, the strategies we use to combat insomnia, like drinking wine or taking sleeping pills, are actually causing mental stimulation and, unfortunately, keeping us wide awake.

If you’ve ever taken a sleeping pill or had one to many glasses of wine before bed you are probably familiar with the deep slumber sleep you initially experience. The first 5 hours of your sleep is amazing, but just like with any other quick fix there are consequences. You wake up BING at 3 am with wide eyes ready to start the day! The problem is now you can’t get back to sleep and you so desperately desire to. You won’t have another glass of wine at 3 am or take a sleeping pill because then you will be zonked until noon. And so begins the cycle of desperately seeking sleep.

Last year when I was in England I was living the life of a trophy wife for three months, and as you probably guessed it didn’t sit well with me! I was really bored and when my boyfriend came home from work I had a healthy meal ready and red wine every night with dinner. Hey, I had nothing to do except my nails and exercise so it was a nice break from the boredom! The nightly wine drinking habit really altered my sleeping patterns. I actually started to depend on my two glasses of wine, not for the taste but for it’s sleep inducing capabilities. After about three weeks we decided that we would limit our wine to weekends only – just Friday and Saturday … not Sunday – I tried that! It took awhile for my sleeps to get back to normal but I certainly notice a huge difference for the better now.

What to do if you want a better sleep tonight:

Cut the wine out or way back. Women should only have a glass max a night and men two. There is a fine line before going overboard and disrupting sleep. The minute you feel tipsy that’s when your sleep will likely be disrupted.

Drop the sleeping pills, they just aren’t good good for you in the long run.

Exercise also helps a lot! The recommended dose of cardio is 150 minutes every week. Those who log that experience 65% better sleeps than those of you that aren’t getting that in. So go for a run!

Sleep tight everyone!!

The Power of Happiness

19 Feb

Today’s blog was inspired by this TED talk:

If we study the average we will remain average. Strive to be more, in everything that you do! Beauty isn’t just beauty, it’s how you live your life in every aspect. Fitness isn’t just exercise, it is a tool that will enable you to excel and be highly productive at everything you do!

When it comes to exercise or setting life goals for ourselves don’t let yourself settle. Don’t be content to just get by or just finishing something, do what it is you love and set out to be the best at it. This video reminded me of the power of positive thinking and how just by changing our viewpoint we can totally change our perspective on everything.

It’s not necessarily our reality that shapes us but the lens we use to view our reality. If you can change the lens you can change your reality.

For example, instead of thinking you have to exercise for 30 minutes, think about it like you get to exercise for 30 minutes. Or instead of thinking you have to make dinner tonight, try a healthy delicious new recipe and celebrate! In today’s world we have so much opportunity that there is absolutely no need to settle or be negative, if you aren’t happy, if you’re unhealthy, if you’re out of shape – you can change all of that.

I am a firm believer in the believe that he who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right. – Henry Ford

So let’s change our lens and look on the brighter side of life!

Why STRESS Makes You Gain Fat

16 Feb

1000s of years ago humans were stressed out. Not because of a broken blackberry, or a midterm exam looming. Famine stressed us out. We were stressed because winter was coming and that meant we were going to starve.

Back then mother nature intervened and helped us out. Whenever we were stressed she would increase our drive for fatty foods and released a hormone (cortisol) that would make us hold onto to fat longer which would allow us the best possible chance for survival through the famine period.

The only problem is now we aren’t starving, and our waist lines are BURSTING. You are biologically predisposed to crave fat and hang onto it when you’re stressed out. We can’t eliminate stress entirely but we can manage it more effectively.

So what can you do…

At least 30 minutes everyday.

Take a deep breath and spend more time doing and less time worrying.

Try this free yoga class

Michelle Obama’s Arms

3 Feb

Yesterday on Ellen, First lady Michelle Obama was challenged to a push-up competition! Michelle was victorious with 25 push-ups and showed no real signs of fatigue.

Ellen asked Michelle about her workout schedule and she confirmed she works out everyday for 90 minutes!

This got me thinking … if the first lady has 90 minutes in her day to devote to exercise what are the rest of us saying when our main excuse is we don’t have time?

When you make exercise your priority your life becomes so much more productive. An hour spent in the gym could mean 3 or more hours of focused work time. Don’t let yourself believe you don’t have time, if Michelle can wake up at 5:30 am everyday to get in it than so can we!

A few tips on fitting it in:

  • Early bird catches the worm, if you plan to workout at 6 pm that gives you 10 hours to think of 8,000 more appealing things to do – get up and get going
  • Schedule your workouts in your blackberry or meeting maker and make them happen
  • Give yourself 45 minutes – commit to being in and out in an hour
  • Meet a friend or take a class
  • If you are working out after work DO NOT come home first … that is a recipe for disaster. Best thing to do is change into your gym clothes at the office and then go straight to the gym