What your poo says about you

3 Apr

The ideal poo is a type 3 or 4. Once or twice a day.

Regular poo type 3 and 4 is something that I now proudly can say I have but it’s also something I’ve certainly had my own struggles with … ok you’re all going to know WAY too much about me after this post.

When I was a kid I grew up in a household that firmly believed we shouldn’t eat junk food. To compensate for this harsh stance we were allowed unlimited amounts of fruits and veggies and I really took that unlimited to heart.

When I was around ten I got into the habit of eating anywhere from six to eight apples a day! I was a hungry kid and hey – they’re healthy right? At school one day I almost keeled over due to severe stomach pain. I had to be rushed to the hospital it was so bad. I was minutes away from being operated on to remove my appendix when the doctor asked when the last time was I went to the washroom. Initially I thought, ‘what a weird question’ but then I honestly couldn’t remember going number two in weeks. I’ll end the story here.

Basically I got that all cleared up and now I pay attention to my bowels and so should you! Especially if you’re trying to lose weight if you digestive system isn’t working like clockwork then you’re going to have a lot more difficulty dropping the pounds.

Here’s what I do now to say in the good poo books:

  • I have at least 2L of water everyday
  • I never have more than one apple a day … I guess one keeps the doctor away but take it from me eight will send you straight to the hospital
  • I take psyllium husk supplement drink if I’m having trouble (so gross but works)
  • Exercising regularly really helps keep things regular

If you’re over 50 and haven’t had your annual colonoscopy pick up the phone and get it over with. Uncomfortable for an hour but I’ve unfortunately seen what happens if you leave it too long, it can save your life.

One Response to “What your poo says about you”

  1. Susan Barrett April 3, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    Christie…this is a delicate subject but one that needs to be discussed. Bowel health is critical to overall good health. Thank you for sharing!

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