How Long Will it Take to get in Shape?

2 Apr

I get this question all the time.

And truthfully I always answer, “the rest of your life.”

Back in October I started training this lady named Paula. Paula is a Brazilian bombshell and she often reminds me of Gloria from Modern Family – right down to the accent! When I met Paula our goal was to get her fit for her trip home to Brazil for Christmas. We worked on what we called “Project Brazil” three times per week for 12 weeks and boy was Paula ready. She lost about 7 lbs of fat and over 20 inches – her shape really transformed into a long and lean body – even more bombshell!

When Paula came back from her trip the plan was to cut out workouts with me. Paula realized, like many of us have that unfortunately there’s no box you can tick that will keep you fit without exercise. You have to keep going – forever! After about a week without me I got the e-mail, let’s keep going! We still workout together twice a week, now with a friend with a similar fitness level and the same type of intensity. When I train clients we have fun but it’s also totally focused. Paula’s old workouts used to consist of her walking on the treadmill at a 4.0 for 40 minutes. Last week I had her running intervals at a 10.0! She can easily do 40 real push-ups, compared to the eight we started with. Pretty soon Paula is going to start training me.

So keep going! Workouts are something you will have to do for the rest of your life so they should be fun. Start your own Project x and let me know how it goes!

One Response to “How Long Will it Take to get in Shape?”

  1. hiit April 3, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

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