Sleep Drive

23 Feb

We are all familiar with sex drive, but what about the concept of craving sleep so much that we actually disrupt it?

According to a recent study from researchers at Ryerson University, the strategies we use to combat insomnia, like drinking wine or taking sleeping pills, are actually causing mental stimulation and, unfortunately, keeping us wide awake.

If you’ve ever taken a sleeping pill or had one to many glasses of wine before bed you are probably familiar with the deep slumber sleep you initially experience. The first 5 hours of your sleep is amazing, but just like with any other quick fix there are consequences. You wake up BING at 3 am with wide eyes ready to start the day! The problem is now you can’t get back to sleep and you so desperately desire to. You won’t have another glass of wine at 3 am or take a sleeping pill because then you will be zonked until noon. And so begins the cycle of desperately seeking sleep.

Last year when I was in England I was living the life of a trophy wife for three months, and as you probably guessed it didn’t sit well with me! I was really bored and when my boyfriend came home from work I had a healthy meal ready and red wine every night with dinner. Hey, I had nothing to do except my nails and exercise so it was a nice break from the boredom! The nightly wine drinking habit really altered my sleeping patterns. I actually started to depend on my two glasses of wine, not for the taste but for it’s sleep inducing capabilities. After about three weeks we decided that we would limit our wine to weekends only – just Friday and Saturday … not Sunday – I tried that! It took awhile for my sleeps to get back to normal but I certainly notice a huge difference for the better now.

What to do if you want a better sleep tonight:

Cut the wine out or way back. Women should only have a glass max a night and men two. There is a fine line before going overboard and disrupting sleep. The minute you feel tipsy that’s when your sleep will likely be disrupted.

Drop the sleeping pills, they just aren’t good good for you in the long run.

Exercise also helps a lot! The recommended dose of cardio is 150 minutes every week. Those who log that experience 65% better sleeps than those of you that aren’t getting that in. So go for a run!

Sleep tight everyone!!

One Response to “Sleep Drive”

  1. Lindsay Preston February 28, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    Love that bed. Lets get it!

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