Dumping Diet Coke

9 Feb

Diet Coke and I have a long intimate history together.

Three years ago I couldn’t get out of bed without knowing that I would have at least a can within 15 minutes of waking up. I basically had an IV diet coke drip attached to my veins – I would easily polish off 2L per day. Addicted was an understatement.

I found that the problem with drinking so much diet coke was that my sweet cravings were out of control. Even the fitness and health nut that I am my breakfasts used to consist of a diet coke and two heaping tablespoons of icing, usually Betty Crocker vanilla with sprinkles. My mid-morning snack would involve me going down to the University tuck shop and filling a loonie bag worth of 5 cent candies and promptly finish the entire bag, washing it down with another diet coke of course… all before 10 am.

I hit my rock bottom diet coke moment when I was at my cottage over the 2009 July long weekend and I had 17 cans of diet coke in one day – I’m not kidding. I had a problem and I knew I had to go cold turkey and quit.

It was tough for a month or so but I just cut it out of my life completely. I noticed a few things happen instantly:

  • I wasn’t dying for my daily candy fix
  • I didn’t even realize how bloated I was until I stopped drinking diet coke – I felt like a deflated balloon!
  • My skin improved
  • My sleeps were better

To fill the void I now drink tons of plain water, Perrier (max 500ml per day) or I use my Soda Stream. If I’m absolutely dying for a coke (about twice a year) I have the real deal. Our bodies are not used to processing aspartame, we can recognize sugar and digest it properly. Unlike diet coke which I’ve been told actually creates a coating on your intestinal wall and sticks there like gum for weeks after you’ve consumed it. Yuck!

If you’re currently struggling with diet coke addiction drop it! You’ll feel 100x better and your body will thank you for it!


2 Responses to “Dumping Diet Coke”

  1. Kelly Newton February 9, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    Hey Christie — Thanks for the info! I’m not a big diet coke drinker, or pop drinker for that matter. I AM a caffeine drinker, however, and i use sweetener every day with my coffee or tea. You mentioned above that aspartame can’t be processed by our bodies. Would you recommend losing the sweetener and switching to regular sugar?

    • beautyandthebod February 9, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

      Hey Kelly!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 it’s not that aspartame can’t be processed, it can but it hasn’t been part of our diet for thousands of years like sugar has. Our bodies expect calories but when they don’t get them they start to act up (like my cravings for sweets)
      What sweetener are you using? Ideally use honey or agave nectar (really sweet so you need just a bit). I used to have a couple tablespoons of sugar in my tea (100-200cals because I have two teas per day). I realized that eliminating that meant an extra 1,400cals savings per week – that’s a whole days worth almost – or a couple of bowls of ice cream instead! So not ideal to switch to granular sugar – honey or agave is a safe bet.

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