Bodyweight Plyometric Workout

6 Feb

Take the workout with you! BODYWEIGHT PLYOMETRIC WORKOUT

Beat Christie’s Best Reps!

Kimono Dragons: 23

Side Knee Burpee: 14

Romanian Dead Lift: 15

Leap Frog: 23

Plank Jacks: 15

Dancing Crab: 35


3 Responses to “Bodyweight Plyometric Workout”

  1. Sarah February 7, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    CHRISTIE! Thank you so much for sharing a workout! I can’t believe how amazing the workout is from these body weight intervals and how simple it is to do them at home!
    I’m having some difficulty balancing when coming back to up right in the deadlifts. I feel like I stand up to quickly because I am off balance and it takes away from the exercise. Any suggestions?
    Also, how do you protect your knees when doing all the deep squats and jumping?

    WOO BEAUTY AND THE BOD! Keep blogging! I’m already excited for summer bod squad!

    • beautyandthebod February 7, 2012 at 11:21 am #

      Hey Sarah! Thanks for the comment.
      For the Romanian deadlift they are difficult to balance. Go REALLY slow at first. If you’re finding it impossible to do instead of reaching your hands forward take them behind your head with elbows wide.
      For the knees the key is land soft – try not to make noise and control your descent down. Make sure you’re core is tight which will help the control back down.
      I’m excited for Bod Squad too :o)! Thanks!!


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