Michelle Obama’s Arms

3 Feb

Yesterday on Ellen, First lady Michelle Obama was challenged to a push-up competition! Michelle was victorious with 25 push-ups and showed no real signs of fatigue.

Ellen asked Michelle about her workout schedule and she confirmed she works out everyday for 90 minutes!

This got me thinking … if the first lady has 90 minutes in her day to devote to exercise what are the rest of us saying when our main excuse is we don’t have time?

When you make exercise your priority your life becomes so much more productive. An hour spent in the gym could mean 3 or more hours of focused work time. Don’t let yourself believe you don’t have time, if Michelle can wake up at 5:30 am everyday to get in it than so can we!

A few tips on fitting it in:

  • Early bird catches the worm, if you plan to workout at 6 pm that gives you 10 hours to think of 8,000 more appealing things to do – get up and get going
  • Schedule your workouts in your blackberry or meeting maker and make them happen
  • Give yourself 45 minutes – commit to being in and out in an hour
  • Meet a friend or take a class
  • If you are working out after work DO NOT come home first … that is a recipe for disaster. Best thing to do is change into your gym clothes at the office and then go straight to the gym

One Response to “Michelle Obama’s Arms”

  1. fetchingblog February 3, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    I have to say, impressive, but Ellen was going down way lower than Michelle Obama!

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