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12 Exercises of Christmas: Day Two

14 Dec

Elevated Planks

30-60 Second Holds

3 Sets

Tweleve Exercises of Christmas: Day One

13 Dec


Fish Bone Braid Tutorial

8 Dec

What you will need:
Wet hair
Hair elastic

The Long and Lean Routine

1 Dec

Three Rounds for Time:

30 Airplane Split Jumps

10 (each leg) Downward Dog Shoulder Presses

30 Ski Jumpers

10 Tri-Jacks

30 Plank Jumps

10 Dive Bommers


Round One: 5:30

Round Two: 12:23 (includes a 20 second break)

Round Three FINAL TIME: 18:40.

Good Luck! Let me know if you beat me or come close – remember proper form always trumps time!