Acne: What Worked, What Didn’t

25 Jul

My acne type: rosacea with bumps

And this was a good day!

Recommended Products:

Metrogel – prescription ($7)

Clarisonic – Sephora ($150 – way better than 2 years ago!)

Cetephil Cleansing Cream ($11)

Skin Wipes – Walmart ($4 for 50)

Photofacial – I had mine done at the Belair Laser Clinic ($900 for 8 sessions) Check out Groupon or Teambuy for better deals

Blue Light Therapy – M facials ($60 each, 8 sessions total) – didn’t need 8, would have been better just getting one or two but was sold on a package.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer ($55)

Sunscreen – Neutrogina SPF 55 for faces ($23)

Wouldn’t do it again:

Expensive creams ($80+, multiple brands = Darphin, Sisley, Bobbi Brown)

Proactive ($85)

Naturopathic Doctor for three sessions ($560)

Strict dieting

Tetricyclin prescription – worked at first but I quickly built up a tolerance

Diane birth control pill – made me an evil, highly emotional basket case 24/7

Glad I didn’t do it:

Accutaine – I had a lot of friends who have been helped with accutaine but my skin problems were more from redness and less puss-type or cystic acne

So that’s what worked for me. Everyone has different skin so this might not be the same for you. My top tips are:

1. Wash your face regularly with a gentle cleanser

2. Use disinfectant wipes after you exercise

3. Don’t wear any foundation if you can help it, wear oil-free tinted moisturizer

4. Go see a dermatologist without make-up on. Get a second option if your skin doesn’t clear up within 2-3 months.

2 Responses to “Acne: What Worked, What Didn’t”

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    […] 2. Amazing Costmetics Concealer: This provides the best coverage possible. When I was going through my terrible time with acne I used this everyday. Be careful not to use too much; a little goes a long way. 3. Old Spice […]

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