Holistic Nutritionist Connie Shares her Pre-Bod Squad Snack!

14 Jul
Early morning workouts are great because you exercise before anything has the opportunity to disrupt your schedule and it energizes you for the day ahead.  However it is difficult to get the proper nutrition at such an early hour. Nourishing your body before a workout is very important. Balance is key, you want to have enough substance to give you energy for your workout without being overly full or becoming sick during the exercises.

Before your next workout try an apple or a pear with any nut butter such as almond, hazelnut, or cashew and feel energized! This snack will help boost metabolism and promote healthy insulin secretion.
See the rest of you bods at the squad!
Connie Linton is a certified holistic nutritionist with a practice based out of North Toronto.  If interested in more information email connielinton@rogers.com

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